About Us

nature-18As a fine art photographer, I spend my time photographing those parts of life that are emotional and real. For me, every photo session becomes a wonderful visit with my subjects. That, I have been told, is the essence of why my photographs are such beautiful, moving vignettes. I capture the accidental, yet significant gesture, the meaningful moment, the furtive glance that tells the story. Capturing the inherent freedom in the spirit of children and families, and to connect with people generally, is why I continue to focus my lens on the world around me.
My style, both sensitive and unique, has won my photographs numerous awards and recognition. The portraits, “Child in White” and “Best Friends,” each illustrating my forte in capturing both the inner and outer child in print, won awards at the Greenwich Arts Council in Greenwich, Connecticut. “Best Friends’ was displayed at “One Human Family,” a program designed to expand the awareness, and importance of diversity, featuring the renowned Elie Wiesel as the keynote speaker. Equally important, and particularly noteworthy, the image “Katie,” placed among the winners at the 25th Annual Juried Photography Show in Long Island, New York, and was acclaimed by The New York Times(April 17, 2005) as “among the best black and white pictures of people….”
Needless to say, my work takes me all over the country, as well as destinations that extend beyond our borders. My eyes are always searching for that essential moment.